When I would regularly peruse the ingredients lists on store brands, I was shocked to discover that there were almost no truly toxin-free options available! Even most of the so-called ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ brands, often included questionable preservatives and other ingredients, such as phenoxyethanol, or vitamin c derivatives, which have been shown to cause skin cancer, but are cheap and easy to formulate with.

As a single mum of two, I wanted to create a business that I could be proud of and that would provide for my twin boys. Nature works laboratories was born out of a desire to provide high quality, natural products that work and that are safe and gentle. Most people are pressed for time these days, so I wanted our products to be simple and effective, with quick, yet profound results.
We keep packaging to a minimum, and offer bottle return schemes and efficient manufacturing to minimise environmental impact.

As a vegetarian since age 4 and a vegan for many years, it was important to me to also create a range of wonderful products that were free of animal testing and animal derived ingredients. The utmost care and love goes into every bottle, as I believe beauty starts from within -self love and caring for oneself are the basis of a ripple effect that touches many lives.

Our products are free of harsh chemicals, instead relying of the healing properties of nature, to care for your skin.
Health is beauty and a healthy attitude to beauty is what we are all about. Our products were developed in conjunction with doctors and organic chemists and are used and recommended by them, ensuring you get the best of what science and nature offer.

Our vegan, cruelty-free, toxin-free products are made with love in australia’s pristine, mysterious, beautiful blue mountains, a world heritage wilderness area. All the crystals included in our products are left to charge under the sun, and blessed with healing energy, with the intention that you will come to fully accept, respect & love yourself, so that you can become your greatest version and give positive energy to this world!
All serums are also tuned with vibrational resonance sound healing, and undergo energetic healing intention rituals, to resonate with universal energies of om, love and various chakra frequencies, to assist in healing and integrating the human energy field.

I hope you enjoy using our products as much as I do!
Love, light and good vibes! Xxx rachel.


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