Cosmetics Infused With Resonant Frequencies

Scientific Research Has Gone Into Great Depths To Cure Disease Using Frequency

The cosmetics created by Nature Works Laboratories, the Akasha Vibrational Elixirs, undergo a special finishing phase after manufacture and prior to shipping.

Biologists and other researchers have been experimenting with sound frequencies and how they affect the human body. Certain frequencies have been used to destroy cancer cells in a lab. We infuse our elixirs with tones that align with the Chakras, and help to open, heal and balance your own energetic field.

Anthony Holland, a music professor who had a dual interest in biology started studying the effects of music frequencies on certain diseases and bacteria in a lab. MRSA, leukemia, uterine and breast cancer were completely destroyed in the lab with frequencies between 100,000 and 300,000 Hz.

Other Sound Therapies Show Promise In Healing Diseases

Focused ultrasound is a new therapy being researched, and shows promising results in the treatment of depression, reverse Parkinson’s and to heal benign tumours.

In the fundamental theories of sound healing, there are a variety of scientifically validated principles including:

  • all cells emit frequencies as a result of their metabolic processes
  • sound can act on cellular ion channels to emit a healing response
  • everything is based on sound and vibration, even when we cannot hear those frequencies

Quantum Theory and Sound Frequencies

In physics, it has been demonstrated that when observed by a person, particles are affected by the way that they are perceived (they are moved around). Our vibrational signature is the electromagnetic field of who we are as a person, fused of body mind and spirit. As we work to raise our vibration through various means, what we intend and what we desire, when it is vibrationally aligned to us comes into our being (from the void). As we imagine and experience with our imagination and our third eye, focus our intention, meditate and operate from pure unconditional love (state of being in the highest vibration and aligned with the divine), we are able to manifest and bring things into being.


Cymatics is the study of frequency and its effects on matter. It has been demonstrated that certain sounds and frequencies can make salt crystals and fluids shape into various patterns. For the documentary, view here:

Cymatics Documentary

We Tune Our Beauty Products

Using sound healing, and setting certain things such as fluids with frequencies, we can tune these to become healing substances. Based on this science, we tune our beauty products and range of skin care items to certain frequencies using tuning forks and various instruments in order to impart in them healing and awakening properties. We tune them to different chakra frequencies, or can specifically tune them with a special intention, in order so that you can get the desired effect.