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Shine Banishing Troubled Skin Saviour - Oily Skin? Shine? Visible Pores? Breakouts? Help is Here


How do you provide your skin with deep hydration, eliminate oily shine, balance oil production, calm inflammation, minimise pores and gently exfoliate?

While only using natural, vegan, cruelty-free, toxin-free ingredients? By using your Troubled Skin Saviour, that's how.

As a daily moisturiser or as a primer under makeup, this lush botanical blend will leave skin plump, smooth, matte and velvety.

Vibrationally tuned with Rose Quartz Crystals, Sound and Energy Healing to the frequecy of the Heart Chakra, to encourage Self Love, Unconditional Love and Healing x


-Vegan Hyaluronic Acid keeps the skin hydrated and supple, due to its high water retention ability, helping to restore smoothness, fullness and elasticity. 

-Silica from crystal quartz absorbs sweat and oils from the skin, helping makeup to last longer on the skin, while also reducing light reflection to combat oily shine.

-Salicylic Acid causes skin cells to slough off, facilitating new skin cell growth, unclogging pores and removing overgrown skin cells. 

-Colloidal oatmeal contains cationic proteins that stick to the skin improving its barrier function. The natural sugars swell due to their excellent ability to bind water and deliver it deep into the cells and the proteins help carry occlusive ingredients into the skin for long term moisturisation. 

-Niacinamide (also known as Nicotinamide) is one of the B group of vitamins that is essential for healthy cell metabolism. Studies have shown it to be an effective active for evening out the skin tone as well as being useful in the management of problem skin.

-Allantoin has traditionally been demonstrated to promote new cell growth, act as a strong anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant and may help to repair tissue damage when applied topically.

-Lavender Essential Oil