Dr Wayne Dyer talks about the power of intention. Intention is a force that is used as a direction of the will. People use mantras to program into their subconscious in order to set forth in motion and bring about the manifestation of desires.

Having an intent set over an elixir, and then applying it to the skin, via conjecture and from scientific research on the power of intention over substances, will help bring and align your desires into reality.

Intention is closely tied to who we are as people. The intention that we place over our serums and elixirs is unconditional love, and this helps open you to appreciating who you are as a person. You deserve a different type of treatment where you bring about your highest good. When you bring about your highest good, and that of others, life becomes congruent.

Authenticity in your life, comes about bringing your higher self into alignment with your reality. The intention of these elixirs is to honor you as a person living in this reality, and to help bring about alignment and the full realisation of your potential.

Honouring yourself, honouring the other, compassion for self, compassion for the other is the intention of our elixirs and we infuse this intention over each elixir. We have the added option of bringing an individual intention to our serums and formulas according to what you desire.