The crystals formed from pure water that was sourced from distilled water, all the chemicals removed, or from lakes and streams where there was little to no human habitation nearby. The crystals were formed via the following means, placing words over the water, praying over the water, showing images to the water and by playing music. The water crystals responded to the intention of the experimenters, and the crystals formed in the water were documented by Dr Masuro Emoto and his team.

Our products have water as one of the key ingredients, and the intention over the serums and elixirs we have is of setting unconditional love, and opening of the chakras and assisting in spiritual awakening. Dr Wayne Dyer has explained through his publications that what we think about expands. As we set out intention, and meditate upon that, it becomes part of our reality.

Manifesting our intentions is a multi-faceted process, and things can show up beautifully. Our vibrational elixirs function not only to bring about your inner beauty, but also the wonderful things in your life.