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We value your privacy, and do collect your personal details for the purpose of providing you with exceptional service and information about our product selection.From time to time you may receive information from us about new products, and also about how to use our products in the best possible way. We also provide information about the ingredients in our products, upgrades to our products or any changes that we need to inform you about including when sales are being held.

You can choose to opt out of these communications at any time.

We keep your information fully secure, and only authorised persons have access to your personal and private details. Your details are kept on a secure server, with a Security Certificate Applied to this website. This means that any communications between yourself and this website are secure and being encrypted.

Your credit card details are not stored by us, or seen by us. They are processed by a secure third party service provider and only charged at the point of sale.

The details we keep about you are kept private and secure.

You have the right to request information that we keep about yourself, or have the right to request changes to be made to that information so that it accurately reflects your personal circumstances.

We do not share your information with any third parties that are not party to ensuring that you receive your product in full, on time and in good order.


These products are stringently tested to prevent any products being released that cause adverse reactions. Ingredients are listed on each product bottle. If you have any concerns about the quality of your product, or if it does not fulfill the use for which you purchased it, you are entitled to a refund under the Trade Practices Act, which can include at our discretion product replacement, refund or credit.

Legally, a product should do what is described in the product description, and be of a reasonably quality. Our products are of the highest quality, and packaged in a factory that is sterile and all goods are carefully handled. We have stringent processes for quality control, and ensure that our delivery and distribution systems keep our products in good order and sealed hygienically for your protection.

Once opened, we cannot exchange products, however should this product fall below the quality expected of what is standard beauty requirements under Australian law, you should contact us for either product replacement, credit at the store, or a refund at our discretion. You should have the receipt number, payment method, and return the product to us at your expense, and we will investigate your complaint. We have 30 days to investigate your complaint, after which we will advise you of the outcome of our investigation.

All products are thoroughly tested on human populations during formulation, and processed according to Australian standards, and also batch tested to ensure quality. If you have any concerns upon the delivery of your product, we advise you to contact us, and we will investigate your concerns. All products are for external use only.

Each product should be spot tested on the skin in a discrete area such as the wrist, around the size of a ten cent piece. If any redness, irritation or adverse reactions occur as a result of skin contact with this product after 24 hours, then discontinue use of this product, seek immediate medical advice and contact us for an investigation into this and discussion of a possible refund or store credit, or replacement with a similar product.


All product prices include postage to your chosen point of delivery. You should ensure someone is home to receive your package, and inspect it upon opening.


All of our products, ingredients, labelling and manufacturing methods, including placing intent and harmonic tuning, and use of crystals to infuse healing energies into our products are the intellectual property of Nature Works Laboratories. Copying methods of manufacture, intellectual property, ingredients, labelling, images and site content is a breach of Australian and International Intellectual Property and Copyright Laws.

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